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Performed at an Affordable Cost.

- Dan Pugh, Owner

Why should you hire
Dan’s Quality Yard Care?

  • Serving Omaha since 1984
  • Dan wants you to have the best lawn on the block! He has the knowledge and experience to achieve the best results.
  • Dan’s 6-step Fertilization Program is proven to give you a green healthy lawn!
  • Fully insured and Licensed. Nebraska Pesticide applicator ID #054234
  • Only top quality products will be used on your lawn.
  • Prepaid discounts available.

Dan can beat any competitor’s advertised price!

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Our Services

6-Step Fertilization Program
Seeding & Overseeding
Perimeter Pest Control
Rock/Mulch Bed Weed Spraying
And More!

Dan’s 6-Step Fertilization Program

Early Spring

Apply granular fertilizer and preemergence

Late Spring

Apply granular fertilizer and preemergence. Liquid broadleaf weed control


Season long grub control with Merit or Mach insecticide will be used

Late Summer

Apply fertilizer and all season long grub control


Apply granular fertilizer and spot spray weeds


Apply granular fertilizer and broadleaf weed control as needed

What Our Clients Say

Dan is reliable, professional and clean cut. He does a great job at cutting our grass.

- Bill H.

I would recommend Dan’s Quality Yard Care to anyone. He has turned my lawn from brown to green with minimal effort on my part. I am very happy with the service he has given.

- Allyson C.

I am very pleased with Dan’s Quality Yard Care. He is not a big box lawn company, so he takes the time to insure my lawn gets what it needs. It is not a one-size fertilizer program that fits all lawns, his care fits my lawn. Thanks Dan!

- Carl W.

“Dan’s Quality Yard Care” has done a fabulous job on our yard. I have recommended him to all of my friends.

- Janice W.

Dan’s Quality Yard Care has done a magnificent job bringing my lawn back to life. Before, my lawn was thin and had bare spots. After Dan consulted me about types of grass and his overseeding service, my lawn has been coming in thicker each year. Their aerating service has really helped my lawn this spring with all of the rain. Thanks Dan!

- Andrew

Dan’s Recipe for a Great Looking Lawn

  1. Call Dan to take care of your lawn!
  2. Water your lawn 1-1.5 inches per week.
  3. Aerate and overseed in the fall.
  4. Sit back, relax and watch the grass grow!

Dan can beat any competitor’s advertised price!

Call or text Now For a Free Estimate 402.651.1686

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